SEO Free Shopify Ecommerce

How to do SEO for free for your Shopify & Ecommerce Store

I’m sick of SEO companies making a bad name for the industry. There’s a lot of good companies out there but there are also a bunch of companies that don’t...
January 23, 2024 — Vineet Baid
Shopify SEO Best Practices

Shopify SEO Best Practices – A Full Guide for 2024

In our last post this random shopify site was missing out on over $150K each year by not focusing on SEO. Let me show you what I would do to...
November 10, 2023 — Vineet Baid
Keyword Research Shopify SEO Expert

Keyword Research for Shopify SEO

Doing a quick 20 mins of keyword analysis for this Shopify Site showed that it is leaving $12,497 on the table every single month. That’s almost $150K a year. The...
September 26, 2023 — Vineet Baid